Fairbanks Dental Bridgework

A dental bridge (referred to as bridgework) is a restorative dental process used to replace a tooth. Several dental bridges can be used to replace missing teeth throughout the mouth. However, a dental bridge requires an adjacent healthy tooth to which the bridgework can be attached. Once the bridge is attached, a crown can be placed that will replace the missing tooth. Typically, permanent fixed bridges require a crown to also be placed on the neighboring tooth to prevent slippage or loss of the replacement crown. You can also choose (with the approval of your Fairbanks dentist) to have a resin bonded bridge. This type requires much less preparation of the neighboring tooth.

When you visit your Fairbanks dentist for a bridge, the specialist will first examine your gums and other teeth to ensure that you qualify to receive a bridge or may need to examine another option such as a dental implant or partial denture. Even if the neighboring teeth are in too poor condition to support bridgework, they can be restored to support the bridge in the future. Of course, this will add to the cost of the treatment.

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