Fairbanks Dental Crowns

There are a variety of options for Fairbanks dentist patients when a tooth needs to be repaired. However, the best option for some people is often a full coverage crown. Just as it sounds, a crown completely covers a tooth to act as a new surface and return a tooth to a healthy appearance. Crowns are often the best choice for teeth that have been broken or decayed but the root is still healthy - not requiring complete replacement. When you first visit your Fairbanks dentist for a crown, an impression of your teeth will be made. This impression will allow the dentist or dental laboratory to design a crown that perfectly mimics your overall dental structure.

Dental crowns are generally made from three materials such as gold, complete ceramic or porcelain. Gold crowns are usually only used on teeth in the back of the mouth where the crown will not be readily visible and are helpful for patients that grind their teeth or need added durability. One benefit of a gold crown is that it tends to be less damaging to other teeth than porcelain when you are chewing. Many patients prefer to use ceramic crowns because they are thinner and often result in a more natural appearance. Finally, porcelain crowns are among the strongest materials. However, they must be bound to metal to be functional. This metal may become visible at the gum line as it recedes.

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