Preventative Procedures in Fairbanks

Almost every common dental problem can be prevented with proper oral hygiene. Just like a healthy body is the result of healthy eating habits, avoidance of poor foods and regular exercise, a healthy mouth results from proper dedication to good dental habits. Unlike a healthy body, good oral hygiene does not require any considerable schedule changes or time commitment. Just a few minutes a day combined with a regular check up every six months (for healthy people that do not smoke or excessively consume alcohol) is enough to promote a healthy mouth and smile. The preventative procedures for most common dental problems are as follows:

Fairbanks Brushing:
At the minimum, you should brush your teeth twice a day. Brush your teeth when you make up and before you go to bed. It is best to brush your teeth after you eat breakfast. This will effectively clean any food from the meal from your teeth and not ruin the taste of the food. Before you go to bed, you should brush your teeth one more time. Remember that, once you brush your teeth, abstain from snacking before going to sleep. You can also brush your teeth following lunch. If your schedule does not permit this, brushing twice a day is fine. Don't forget to gently brush the tongue to prevent bad breath and remove bacteria.

Fairbanks Flossing:
Typically in the morning, flossing is important to removing the plaque that can build up in the spaces of your teeth but cannot be cleaned through brushing. When flossing, be careful to avoid the gum line. Practice gentle motions to avoid bleeding and pull the floss outwards to remove food and plaque from your mouth. If you use mouthwash, post flossing is the best time to do so.

Fairbanks Dentist Check Up:
Schedule regular check ups with your Fairbanks dentist to diagnose dental conditions early enough to treat them before they do any damage. For normal, healthy adults, six month intervals between check ups is fine. However, if you are pregnant, have diabetes, use tobacco, consume alcohol regularly or have other medical conditions, the interval between dental check ups should be reduced to as few as every two months. Your dentist can recommend check up intervals during your visit.

Fairbanks Dental Tips

Provided here are some tips to promote a healthy mouth and get the most out of your visit to a Fairbanks dentist.

When you brush your teeth, it is best to do so for about 2 minutes. Be sure to brush both the back and front of the teeth and reach the back of your gum line in your mouth. All surfaces of your teeth need to be brushed regularly.
Before your regular check up, brush your teeth. Brushing immediately before visiting a dentist can help him quickly locate and handle issues without having to first clean food or plaque from the surface.
Before visiting your Fairbanks dentist, make sure you have your insurance card. If you must return home to get your card, you might be charged a cancellation fee and have to reschedule for another day. You might also want to bring a stress ball to the office to help ease tension during a cleaning and procedure.

Be gentle during brushing and flossing. If your brush too vigorously, you could cause receding gums or make them bleed. Cuts from vigorous flossing can become infected.

Many sources of water have trace amounts of fluoride - an effective teeth strengthener. When you don't have time to brush, simply swishing some water around and spitting can help remove food and dirt from your teeth. However, doing so is a quick solution, not a substitute for brushing.
Stick to healthy eating habits like avoiding sugary foods or consuming too many hot drinks like tea or coffee. Sugar from soda can stick to your teeth and cause tooth decay.

Buy a new toothbrush every couple of months. Fraying on a toothbrush can prevent it from properly brushing your teeth. In addition, a toothbrush can quickly become a hotbed for germs. By replacing it and storing it away from your toilet (preferably in your medicine cabinet), you can slow the onset of germs and other debris.

Visit a Fairbanks dentist as soon as a problem appears. Do not wait for sensitivity or tooth pain to become serious. You can save money and time by visiting your dentist as soon as a problem appears rather than waiting until you must visit in an emergency.

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