Fairbanks Periodontal Services

Your Fairbanks dentist can assist in providing periodontal therapies that can treat oral diseases through cosmetic and surgical techniques. Many patients wait until they experience symptoms of periodontal disease. However, check ups with a periodontist are an integral part of any oral health program, especially if you have heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis or use tobacco products such as cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.

Periodontal therapies are not necessarily surgical. Some treatments can be used during the onset of gum disease such as removing plaque and tartar. These techniques can include deep cleaning, planing of roots, antibiotics and scaling.

When you make your first periodontal appointment at your Fairbanks dentist, you can expect to receive an evaluation that will determine which periodontal therapies are necessary. Be prepared to give information about your medical and dental history to assist in recognizing the true cause of oral conditions.

In the event that you use tobacco products and need to receive a more invasive procedure such as gum surgery, you will need to quit using such products before the surgery and during the healing period after the surgery. You will receive an X-ray to determine the true extent of tooth loss and decay before any procedure is chosen.

Help from a periodontist might be necessary in cases of:

  • Severe gum disease.

  • Specialized treatments such as root planing (cleaning the infected surface of a root)

  • Root surface debridement – open the gums by surgery in order to access the underlying tooth or bone structure.

  • Surgical implants and their maintenance.

  • Gingivoplasty – This is an extreme assault on gum disease if other techniques aren’t working. In this procedure the problematic areas of your gum are removed and the remainder reshaped within the mouth so that there are no gaps between the tooth and gum. This can help to prevent further infections and make the area easier to clean as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
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